Shareholder Kim Smith Added to Selma and Dallas County Economic Development Authority

Selma, Alabama – JamisonMoneyFarmer (JMF) Shareholder Kim Smith was elected to the Selma and Dallas County Economic Development Authority Board of Directors.  She will act as Secretary/Treasurer.  Kim is the lead shareholder in the JMF office in Selma. Kim and her husband Ken Smith live in Valley Grande outside of Selma and she is [...]

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Act Now For Tax Relief

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law by the President, the following are a few actions that, if taken by year-end, may soften the impact of a few of the disappearing or reduced deductions: For contributions made in tax years beginning after December 31, 2017, the Act eliminates the allowance of charitable [...]

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Subject to AMT? Consider donating to the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund

By:  Rachel Taylor, Tax Manager Rachel is a tax manager in the JMF Tax Department.  She assists clients with corporate, partnership, and individual income tax reporting as well as complex oil and gas tax issues. Would you like to reduce your AMT and provide a better education for children of Alabama? Consider donating to the Alabama [...]

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2017 Year-End Tax Planning Letter

 Dear Clients and Friends: Tax planning is rarely easy, but this year it is especially difficult due to the potential for sweeping tax reforms. At this writing, Congress has yet to agree on a comprehensive plan that can be expected to pass both houses and be signed by the president. We will continue to [...]

Hurdle the IRA Rollover Limit

If you want to move funds from one IRA to another—say, for investment purposes—you can use a rollover, but only once a year. Under the Tax Court’s interpretation of a recent case, this applies to all your IRAs, not just one specific, separate IRA. However, the once-a-year limit does not apply to trustee-to-trustee transfers [...]

Five Year-end Tax Moves for Small Businesses

As with individuals, year-end tax planning for businesses remains somewhat uncertain. However, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 preserved certain tax benefits that can be incorporated into a logical year-end plan. Here are five ideas for small-business owners to consider: Speed up equipment deductions. Under the PATH Act, the maximum [...]

October 31st Filing Requirement: Reporting for Entities Exempt from Sales Tax

By:  Jennifer Stripling, Tax Manager Jennifer is a tax manager, a member of the JMF Tax Department and in an integral part of the JMF State and Local Tax (SALT) group.  With over 11 years of experience, she assists clients with corporate, partnership, and individual income tax reporting as well as complex multi-state income and sales tax [...]

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