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Good financial planning not only encompasses the decisions you make while you are living, but also provides for a gameplan after your death. We know that death is not a topic that people like to dwell on. We also know that planning for your own demise is never a topic that would brighten anyone’s day. However, having an estate plan in place is the best way to protect your heirs, reduce the amount of estate taxes owed and most importantly to ensure that your wishes are carried out at your death.

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At JamisonMoneyFarmer PC, our Estate and Trust department is here for you. We are on standby to help you tackle the arduous task of getting your estate plan in place. Whether it is helping your attorney with the drafting of a will, or reviewing a current will, we have the expertise and the experience to provide. We can assist you in starting a lifetime gifting regimen, creating trusts or forming other entities that can facilitiate in the transfer of assets and help better protect them from creditors. We can review your assets and liabilities and help give you the assurance that items are titled properly and point out potential pitfalls that may be lurking. Every individual is different, and we know that every estate plan is unique. There is no estate too large, or too small, to benefit by having an estate plan. Let us help you gain the security and peace of mind knowing that at your death, your desires will be known, and your estate plan will be executed according to those desires.

Our Estate and Trust department has the knowledge and experience to assist you not only in devising an estate plan, but in other areas as well. We are experts in the preparation of Estate, Gift and Trust tax returns and we would be honored to assist you in any way we can.

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