Internal Control Evaluation

Is there an area within your accounting department that you feel may not be operating within best business practices? Do you have proper segregation of duties for critical accounting functions? Are you doing enough to mitigate the risk of accounting fraud?

Internal control is a series of accounting procedures designed to promote and protect sound management practices, both general and financial. Implementing sound internal control procedures will increase the likelihood that financial information is reliable, assets and records of the company are appropriately safeguarded, and the organization’s policies are followed. While you focus on the daily demands of managing your company, we can help by evaluating your accounting internal controls.

Our experienced staff will gain an understanding of how your accounting system functions, conduct tests to determine if it functions as designed, and will make recommendations to you regarding accounting procedures that should be strengthened. Internal control evaluations can be particularly useful in the event of implementing a new accounting system or restructuring your existing system.

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Internal Control Evaluation
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