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JamisonMoneyFarmer PC’s accounting and bookkeeping services can be a great tool for you to help in making decisions about your business, where it is headed, and give you an overview as well as details about the financial well-being of your company at any particular time. We can prepare as much or as little information as you need based on your company size, budget and time.

  • JMF’s bookkeeping and financial statement services include:
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • General Ledger Detailed Reporting
    • Fixed Asset Tracking
    • Budget Reports
    • Other reports that you may need to help you manage your financial information
    • Compiled Financial Statements
    • QuickBooks Training and Support by Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors

We will work with you to tailor the reports to the informational needs of your company. Additionally, we provide payroll, sales & use tax and new business start up assistance. JMF also offers a full array of payroll services. We can provide full-service payroll or any level of service you might need.

  • JMF’s payroll services include:
    • Integration of payroll records with financial records in QuickBooks to provide accurate financial statements
    • Payroll Tax Deposits. We can make the deposits for you or send instructions to help with payments
    • New Hire Reporting
    • Garnishment, Child Support and 401k deductions and submissions
    • Employee wages recorded by job classification
    • Worker’s Compensation audit support, including meeting with auditors in our offices
    • Quarterly Payroll Tax return filing
    • Annual W-2 preparation for your employees, the Social Security Administration and state and local entities as required
    • Annual 1099 processing
    • Direct Deposits into employees accounts or paper checks
    • Reports that fit your business needs
    • Reporting for Household employee wages
    • Ongoing consulting and research

JMF offers sales and use tax support to help you stay in compliance with state, county and local requirements. We can prepare, file and pay your sales and use tax returns for you or assist you in any part of the process. We also offer Rental Tax support for those game day condos!

  • JMF’s New Business Startup Assistance
    If you are considering starting a new business and need assistance with the forms, agencies and accounts, we can help! We have training geared to new startup businesses, handy informational guides, and staff trained and ready to assist you with the set up process.
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