In order to provide specialized international accounting services to companies interested in developing business in the US or Germany, JamisonMoneyFarmer has partnered with Crowe Germany to form a strategically aligned group of advisors who specialize in international business services.

Um unseren Kompetenzen in internationaler Buchhaltung und Kaufmännischen Businesslösungen für Mandaten, welche unsere Dienste im Bereich umfassende Abwicklung arbeitsteiliger Vorgänge sowohl aus der USA, als auch aus Deutschland noch qualitativ besser und umfassender anbieten zu können, haben die Unternehmen JamisonMoneyFarmer PC und Crowe Deutschland eine Beratungsgruppe gebildet, diese spezialisiert sich auf internationalen Business Dienstleistungen.

Crowe Germany is represented in six regional locations in Germany with five legally separated and independent German accounting, tax  and advisory companies. Today over 1000 people are employed throughout Germany. All member firms are well-respected and offer their clients services in the fields of Audit, Tax, Advisory and Risk. 

This German American firm alliance is comprised of Crowe Germany and five US CPA firms. The US firms’ affiliation is through CPAmerica, Inc., an association of independently owned and managed CPA and consulting firms in the United States of America. Read more information on JMF’s role in CPAmerica.

Crowe Germany and CPAmerica, Inc. are members of Crowe Global, the 8th largest accounting firm network in the world.


  • Serves over 100 multinational and German clients with US operations
  • Has bilingual accountants specializing in international tax and audit issues
  • Participates in a global employee exchange program
  • Meets at least annually in person to address client needs and to create more cross-border expertise and planning opportunities
  • Has an extensive understanding of generally accepted accounting principles and financial reporting in both the US and Germany
  • Understands regulatory and compliance issues in the US and Germany

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JamisonMoneyFarmer is a proud sponsor of the AlabamaGermanyPartnership.


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