The JMF Advisors Show

The JMF Advisors Show is a podcast for business owners, c-suite executives, and entrepreneurs who are looking to build, grow, or even exit a business. We bring in some of our best financial advisors to interview experts on business best practices, hot topics, and sprinkle in some tax and accounting help. If you are a business owner, start-up founder, CFO, or just starting your side hustle, this podcast is for you.


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1 I’ve got an idea to start a new business – what do I do next?
2 Who gets 1099s and why do you get them?
3 Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTCs) with Shannon Scott
4 Best Practices to Avoid IRS Notices
5 Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit with Tyler Noesser
6 Opportunity Zones with Alex Flachsbart
7 What to do when a loved one is sick or dies  with Emilee Scheeff
8 Year End Tax Strategies for Individuals

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