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Designing the right employee benefit plan for you
Whether you have 4 or 400 employees, JMF Consulting can design a plan that’s right for you. And with our commitment to top quality personal service and dependability, we’ll guide you through the process effortlessly. The design of your employee benefit plan involves tailoring a plan to accomplish your goals. Your JMF Consulting team works with you and your financial team members to customize the details of a plan with the appropriate features. We talk with you extensively to determine exactly what your goals and expectations are. Then we discuss a variety of benefit plan features and options. Finally, together, we look at all sides of the issues involved to find a winning solution for you and your company.

Types of Benefit Plans

  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Money Purchase plans
  • 401 (k) plans
    • Traditional
    • Safe Harbor
    • Roth
    • Solo-K
  • SIMPLE plans
  • Defined Benefit plans
  • Target Benefit plans
  • Age Weighted plans

Implementing your plan

Implementation is all about timing. It is making sure that all of the pieces are in place and ready to go at the right time.

  • We ensure all documents are signed and timely filed.
  • We ensure that your employees have the appropriate information and have met eligibility requirements.
  • We work with your broker or banker to ensure that the appropriate accounts for your plan have been established.

Once your Employee Benefit Plan is designed, and implemented, all that’s left is the administration.

Administrating your employee benefit plan.

As an employer, you can be confident in the fact that your JMF’s Consulting team is not a typical service provider. We are one of the few providers operating in the public accounting arena. This means that our team members not only have expertise and extensive knowledge of qualified benefit plans, but also have backgrounds in taxation. And, as a service provider to your plan, our top quality personal service is accessible to employers and participants. We care about the future of our community and the participants in the plans we administer.

  • Annual administration
  • Preparation of Form 5500
  • Summary Annual Report
  • Participant account statements
  • Reconciliation of plan assets
  • Employee census & vesting
  • Calculation of contributions
  • Distributions/forfeitures/plan loans
  • Research on technical issues

JMF Consulting has a successful track record of helping clients find solutions and effectively administer their benefit plans. Due to the confidential nature of our services, we do not provide a list of references. However, with the permission of our plan sponsors, we may put you in contact with reference sources.

Experience Counts.

The JMF’s Consulting team has more than 40 years of experience administering qualified employee benefit plans. Each team member is committed to superior client service.

Our technical support includes an extensive research library supplemented by a nationwide network of pension resources. In addition, through seminar attendance and continuing education, team members have developed expertise in employee benefits, plan design, and administration. We are available to assist you throughout the year with this specialized knowledge.

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