If you have employees in states other than Alabama, you may have a FUTA Credit Reduction due to unemployment loan interest not being repaid timely from the state to the federal government.  A list of those states and the credit reduction follows.  These amounts will be added back to the Form 940 on 940 Schedule A.  Please call our payroll tax experts at JMF if you have any questions or need assistance.

State           Credit Reduction

 Arizona               0.3%

 Arkansas              0.6%

 California            0.6%

 Connecticut           0.6%

 Delaware              0.3%

 Florida               0.6%

 Georgia               0.6%

 Indiana               0.9%

 Kentucky              0.6%

 Missouri              0.6%

 Nevada                0.6%

 New Jersey            0.6%

 New York              0.6%

 North Carolina        0.6%

 Ohio                  0.6%

 Rhode Island          0.6%

 Vermont               0.3%

 Virgin Islands        1.5%

 Wisconsin             0.6%