Many employers are facing possible lay-offs due to the COVID-19 crisis.  The Alabama Department of Labor (ADOL) has provided FAQs related to COVID-19 unemployment questions.

According to the Press Release on 3/20/20, Alabama will waive experience rating charges for COVID-19 related claims (your future rates will not increase as a result of these claims).  To take advantage of this opportunity and speed up the process for payment to employees, employers should file partial unemployment compensation claims on behalf of their employees.  If unable to do so and an employee files a claim, the employer must notify ADOL that they waive the right to respond to any Request for Separation (BEN 241).  An employer can do so by emailing or by faxing 334-309-9098. The statement should be on company letterhead, and should include the state unemployment insurance account number.

Example notice:

Please let this notice to the Alabama Department of Labor serve as our waiver to the right to respond to any Request for Separation (BEN 241) filed as a result of COVID-19. 

Complete Press Release

To file claims on behalf of your employees, visit the Partials Online Portal.  You will need your Federal Tax ID number, your Alabama unemployment tax account number, and a password.

If you have not previously used this system or can’t find your password.  you must submit a completed Employer Affidavit for Electronic Partials.