Governor Kay Ivey has recently announced the establishment the Revive Plus grant program to allocate $200 million in Coronavirus Relief Funds to support citizens, businesses, non-profit, and faith-based organizations in Alabama impacted by COVID-19.  This is in addition to the previous Revive Alabama program.  If you have previously received funding through the Revive Alabama Small Business, Non-Profit, Faith-Based, and Health Care Provider grants programs, you may apply and if eligible receive funding. The award will be in addition to funding you have already received or plan to receive.

Providing up to $20,000 to qualifying businesses, applications for the grant program will be accepted between noon on Monday, November 23, and noon on Friday, December 4. Grants will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis to qualifying applicants until all funds are claimed.

Eligible Expenses Must Meet Three Conditions:

  1. Necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency with respect to COVID–19.
  2. Not budgeted as of March 27, 2020 when the CARES Act was enacted.
  3. Incurred on or after March 1, 2020, up to December 30, 2020.

Expenses That Are Not Permissible:

  • As reimbursement for cost or damages covered by insurance.
  • For expenses that have been or will be reimbursed under any federal program, including the PPP, Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, or PUA.
  • For reimbursement to donors for donated items or services.
  • For workforce bonuses other than hazard pay or overtime.
  • For severance pay.
  • For legal settlements.

Eligible Applicants Include:

  • Alabama-Based Businesses with 50 or fewer employees
  • Alabama-Based Non-Profits
  • Alabama-Based Faith-Based Organizations

Ineligible Applicants Include:

  • Entities seeking support for services outside of Alabama
  • Entities without a valid Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Any hospitals or nursing homes in Alabama
  • Individuals

Entities Must Verify That It:

  1. Was in business and fully operational as of March 1, 2020 and continues to be operational as of the date of the application.
  2. Located and registered to operate in the state of Alabama.
  3. Has incurred eligible expenses due to the interruption of business, up to the grant amount requested.
  4. Has employment of the equivalent of 50 or fewer employees.
  5. Has not received a federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan, Economic Injury Disaster Loan, or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA); OR, if received or expected to be received, incurred eligible business interruption expenses up to the amount requested that were not covered with these funds.

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