We are really excited to share that we are launching a new podcast to help people grow as business owners.  We advise many thousands of business owners every year, and as a result, felt it was time to start having those on camera to help leverage those discussions for more people to enjoy.  We also noticed during the 2020 pandemic that our clients are ready to consume certain advice in different ways, so we have a YouTube channel where can view all podcasts and it also available on your favorite audio-only podcast apps.

The JMF Advisors Show is a podcast for business owners, c-suite executives, and entrepreneurs who are looking to build, grow, or even exit a business.  We bring in some of our best financial advisors to interview experts on business best practices, hot topics, and sprinkle in some tax and accounting help. If you are a business owner, start-up founder, CFO, or just starting your side hustle, this podcast is for you. JamisonMoneyFarmer PC has been helping closely held businesses and successful individuals for over 100 years.  The firm was started in downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1920, and we offer business planning, tax, accounting, wealth management, and technology services to clients like you.  You can SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel here.


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And certainly if you have any podcast show ideas, please feel to reach out to any of our JMF employees or use the Contact Us form on the website.