Many taxpayers have recently received e-mail messages claiming to be from the IRS.  In many instances these e-mails are referencing tax refunds or other entitlements urging the recipient to provide information, click on a link in the message, or to open an attachment.  If you receive a similar message, DO NOT OPEN IT.  Do not reply to it.  Do not click on any links therein and do not open any attachments to such a message.  These messages are scams designed to lure the recipient into providing personal information, or these messages may contain embedded viruses designed to seek out personal information that may be present on the recipient’s computer or phone.  The Internal Revenue Service does not initiate contact with taxpayers through e-mail, Facebook or by any other social media tools.

If you receive any suspicious IRS-related communication, the IRS would like you to report this information.  Click here for more information from the real IRS Website on these scams and how to report them.