Your Electronic Filing and Delivery Options from JMF

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 Did you know about all of the electronic offerings associated with your tax return filing? Bank account direct deposit for refunds and direct draft for payments What is it?                           The quickest and safest way to receive your refund or make your tax payment associated with most federal and state tax returns How do I [...]

JMF Office and Recent Legislative Updates

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Dear JMF Clients and Friends: As we mentioned in our communication on March 14th, we are in unprecedented times. We wanted to share another update of what JMF is continuing to do to serve our clients while maintaining a safe work environment.  This remains a fluid situation and we will continue to communicate with you. [...]

Calling the Cyber Cops! Don’t be Unprepared

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Is your small business adequately protected from cyber attacks? Obviously, you are not at the same risk as certain government or military targets, but you should still adopt security measures and update those already in place. Your very livelihood could be at stake. Many businesses are taking notice of the problem. According to a [...]

Identity Theft Protection — Make Yourself Less Likely To Be A Victim

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Helpful Tips from Brian Winters, Director of IT Create strong passwords and regularly change them The longer the password, the more secure Don’t use the same password across all platforms. LastPass can be used to track passwords ( Answers to security questions don’t have to be logical (i.e. mother’s maiden name). This is all a [...]

Is It Time to Invest in Bitcoin?

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Cryptocurrencies Are Highly Volatile, but Some Say They Are Worth It For some investors—those with stomachs for volatility—it may be time for a closer look at cryptocurrencies. By now, most investors have heard of bitcoin, following its phenomenal growth last year. Bitcoin, an electronic currency made by computers creating series of unique numbers through complex [...]

JMF is Pleased to Announce Growth within JMF Technologies

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Josh Angel accepts position as Network and System Analyst with JMF Technologies. Josh Angel began full time employment with JMF Technologies in September 2013. Angel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in July 2006 from Herzing College in Birmingham, AL. He previously worked with DCH as a Certified Analyst. He is married [...]

Beware of IRS E-mail Scams

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Many taxpayers have recently received e-mail messages claiming to be from the IRS.  In many instances these e-mails are referencing tax refunds or other entitlements urging the recipient to provide information, click on a link in the message, or to open an attachment.  If you receive a similar message, DO NOT OPEN IT.  Do not reply to [...]